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So we’re making the “Download All G. A. Henty Novels” offer available exclusively to Robinson Curriculum customers year round!  You can instantly download 30 (Yes 30!) G. A. Henty recordings today!

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Here are all 30 Henty’s You’ll Get!

Titles Include:

Ancient History

The Cat of Bubastes(BC 1250)  A thrilling escape novel including all things Egyptian

The Young Carthaginian(BC 218) Hannibal, from Carthage, crosses the Alps with his battle elephants to attack an up and coming Rome.

Beric the Briton(AD 62) Beric joins Queen Boadicea as she rebels against Roman conquerors, is captured and trained as a gladiator.

For the Temple(AD 70) John of Gamala leads a band of Jews to defend Jotapata, Jerusalem, and the Temple, eventually destroyed by Rome.

Middle Ages

The Dragon & The Raven(870-901) Edmund helps King Alfred fight the Danes on land and sea.

Wulf the Saxon(1066) Duke William of Normandy conquers King Harold and England at the signal Battle of Hastings

Winning His Spurs(1188-1192) Join King Richard the Lion-Hearted and knights from across Europe on a Crusade to the Holy Land

In Freedom’s Cause(1296-1314) In this  Braveheart story, the nobles follow William Wallace and Robert the Bruce to victory.

St. George For England – (1337-1453) The Battles of Cressy and Poitiers; the destruction of the Spanish fleet; the plague of the Black Death; are vividly related in this historically accurate adventure novel.

The Lion of St. Mark(1380) Venice is a world power but must defend herself against her jealous rivals and save their wealthy and watery city-state

A March on London(1381) Wat the Tyler leads a peasant revolt against incredible repression.  He had legitimate claims but goes about it all wrong.

A Knight of the White Cross(1470-80) Gervaise Tresham, a Knight of St. John draws his sword in the defense of Rhodes.

Reformation / Exploration 

By Right of Conquest(1521) Hernando Cortez conquers the Aztec Empire with a mere handful of Spaniards.

St. Bartholomew’s Eve(1572) The Catholic forces in France attempt to crush the Protestants

By Pike and Dyke (1579) William the Silent, as leader of the Dutch, rebels against their Catholic Spanish overlords and the Inquisition.

Continued Reformation/Exploration

Under Drake’s Flag(1580) Join Sir Francis Drake as he circumnavigates the globe.

By England’s Aid – (1585-1604) The 80 Years’ War against the Protestant Dutch Republic. Includes the defeat of the Spanish Armada!

Friends Though Divided(1642) A stirring tale of the English Civil War from both sides of the conflict..

When London Burned(1666) Our hero Cyril survives the plague and saves lives during the Great Fire of London.


In The Reign of Terror(1789-99) The French Revolution comes to life in this stirring novel

Through Russian Snows – (1812) Napoleon attempts to defeat the Russians, but the Russian winter defeats him instead!

Through the Fray(1812) The Industrial Revolution sparks the Luddite Rebellion in Southern England.

A Final Reckoning(1830’s) Australia in the 1830’s is a wild place.  Reuben Whitney makes his mark in conflicts with the Aborigines and Bushrangers

Out on the Pampas(1850s) The Hardy family relocates to Argentina with other Brits trying to start a new life. (Henty’s first adventure novel!)

American History

With Wolfe in Canada(1756-63) James Walsham participates in the French and Indian War.

True to the Old Flag(1774-81) A tale of the American Revolution, from an Englishman’s point of view!

Captain Bayley’s Heir(1850s)  Frank Norris finds excitement, adventure, and riches in the California Gold Fields.

The Heart of the Rockies(1860’s) Big-game hunts, Native Americans, avalanches and gold mining.  The American West writ large!

With Lee in Virginia(1861-65)  A fascinating tale of the U.S. Civil War from a Southerner’s perspective!

Short Stories CollectionA wonderful collection of Henty short stories. (Contains my favorite Henty story of all time!)