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Trish Corlew hooked you up with a free download of Jim Hodges Audio Books UNABRIDGED recording of the historically accurate Henty adventure novel

The Cat of Bubastes – A Tale of Ancient Egypt!


This exciting story is set in 1250 B.C. Egypt, and covers the oldest time period of any of the George Alfred Henty historically accurate adventure novels.

In it, young readers will learn much about the domestic life, customs, religion, and military system of ancient Egypt.

Amuba, a prince of the Rebu nation on the shores of the Caspian Sea, with his charioteer Jethro, is carried into slavery after losing a battle with the Egyptians. They become servants of the house of Ameres, an Egyptian high priest, and are quite happy there, until the priest’s son, Jethro, accidentally kills…the sacred Cat of Bubastes!

The locals rise up in rage and kill Ameres, and Jethro and Amuba must escape with the high priest’s son and daughter. After crossing the desert to the Red Sea, they eventually make their way back to freedom, but not until after they encounter Moses in the desert!

You could easily incorporate this story into your ancient Egypt studies, or get the companion Study Guide and create your own.

In either case, your kids will LOVE the action and adventure in this unabridged recording while learning all about Ancient Egypt.

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