You’ll need a desktop or laptop computer to download your audiobook file.  To save time in downloading these unabridged recordings, we used a process called “Zipping up” the files to make them smaller.  Practically every laptop or desktop computer has an “unzipping” program already loaded which will unzip the files for you, so download your files there first, and then sync your mobile device like a smart phone or iPod.

Audios may be downloaded to your PC or laptop and listened from the download. These are not streaming. Once the files have downloaded and been unzipped, all you need to do is double-click on the title of the chapter file you want to listen to and it will start playing automatically. 

Monthly payment is made via Credit Card, deducted automatically from your Credit Card based upon your own settings within that platform. When you join the club, we’ll ask for your first monthly payment.  Use a credit card or debit from your checking account.  On the same day every month, we’ll charge you $6.99 for that month’s club payment. 

We hope you do want more than one title per month! However, the Download-a-Month Club covers one download per month at the subscription price. We offer sale items and encourage you to look for those to optimize savings and continue building your library!

As a subscriber, you should be looking for your monthly coupon and plan to use it right away. You can plan your shopping in advance by using our Chronological List of All Titles via our homepage. Your coupon will never expire!  They are programmed to work one time, but with NO EXPIRATION DATE!  Save them up if you’re not ready to use them now. 

You can keep your subscription as long as we offer the Download-a-Month Club membership!

We do HIGHLY recommend that you make copies of the files on more than one device for just this reason.  Save it to an external hard drive, put it on your phone or iPod, or back up your files online, but if you do have a problem, please contact us using the Contact Us tab on the homepage.

We’d be surprised! But, we would ask that you contact us using the Contact Us tab via the homepage.

Once you use the coupon provided with your monthly club membership and download the audiobook file…you own it! Save it to your computer, save it to an external hard drive, sync your mobile device, do whatever you want with it – it’s yours. I want any member of your family to be able to listen to any recording, on any device, at any time, anywhere. So make as many copies as you need for your family. It is copyrighted material though, so please don’t share with your friends, your church, or your support group!.