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I am so excited to give you this free gift from Jim Hodges Audio Books-- a COMPLETE and UNABRIDGED recording of the fantastic George Alfred Henty historical Novel "Under Drake's Flag!"

Here's the story you will hear in a nutshell: Sir Francis Drake and his crew circumnavigate the globe in 1577-80, starting and ending each day with religious services and hearty singing of Psalms. After crossing the Atlantic, they raid Spanish ships, round the Straights of Magellan, explore the western coast of the America's all the way north to Alaska, cross the Pacific, round Africa, and finally return to England. Drake is granted Knighthood by a grateful Queen Elizabeth. Our hero (who is fictional) Ned Hearne and three of his friends make up part of Drake's crew. The boys share in Drake's adventures which will come alive through the masterful storytelling of G.A. Henty.

Getting the free download is very simple and will only take a minute. Just enter your email address below, and then enter the Special Code you were given so I know who referred you. That's it! Hit the Send Button and you will be able to download the entire recording immediately. Look for the file to begin downloading into your Downloads Folder. Make sure to save it somewhere so you don't lose it!

Double click on the file and the recording will start playing. THAT'S IT!

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Setting: AD 1580 – Sailing ships, The Inquisition – Circumnavigation of the Globe.