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G. A. Henty Historical Novel
Study Guides

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Collection of All Ten Study Guides

The Complete Study Guide Collection:
All Ten Study Guides

G.A. Henty Study Guides

Cat The Cat of Bubastes: (BC 1250)
A Story of Ancient Egypt
Temple For the Temple: (AD 70)
A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem
Dragon The Dragon & The Raven: (870-901)
The Days of King Alfred and the Viking Invasion
Spurs Winning His Spurs: (1188-1192)
A Tale of the Crusades
Freedom In Freedom's Cause: (1296-1314)
A Story of Wallace and Bruce
Cortez By Right of Conquest: (1521)
With Cortez in Mexico
Drake Under Drake's Flag: (1580)
A Tale of the Spanish Main
Wolfe With Wolfe in Canada: (1756-1763)
A Tale of the French & Indian War
Terror In the Reign of Terror: (1789-1799)
An English Lad in the French Revolution
Lee With Lee in Virginia: (1861-1865)
A Tale of the Civil War
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About the Study Guides:

For years customers have suggested that I create Study Guides for the G. A. Henty historical novels. And not we've got ten of them! The Cat of Bubastes, For the Temple, The Dragon and The Raven, Winning His Spurs, In Freedom's Cause, By Right of Conquest, Under Drake's Flag, With Wolfe in Canada, In The Reign of Terror, and With Lee in Virginia.

There are lists of vocabulary words, questions on the story line, history, geography, language, archaic phrases and character, and suggested activities to expand the students understanding of the people and events presented, for every chapter in the book! And each Study Guide includes a one-page Character Qualities Definition page so students can learn to identify and define 49 character qualities.

To make sure that the quality and completeness of these Study Guides is good enough for my customers, I hired an amazing lady. Let me tell you a little about her!

  • She is a certified teacher (grades 1-8) with a minor in Speech and History (how convenient!)
  • She taught in both public and private Christian schools (grades K-6 and remedial reading)
  • She had to give up teaching because a medical condition preventer her from walking for some time. It turned out to be a good thing because later she started homeschooling her daughter!
  • She was active in her local homeschool co-op group for several years as a teacher, and later as a board member.
  • She works for Time4Learning part time in their marketing department; writes educational articles for them; maintains a blog for them; monitors their FB page one day a week; administers the Twitter pages for T4L and Vocabulary Can Be Fun, and moderates several forums on the T4L Parent Community Page.
  • She teaches Sunday School to K-5th graders on a rotating basis.

Sounds like the kind of person you'd want working on Study Guides doesn't it?

Well, here is a sample assignment from just ONE CHAPTER of ONE BOOK: Chapter 1 of Cat of Bubastes. You tell me if this isn't good!

The Cat of Bubastes

Vocabulary (The words are arranged in the order they appear in the chapter rather than alphabetically. Sometimes ABC order is an assignment)



  1. Where does the story take place?
  2. What do you think is the importance of the king and his councilors in wearing different clothing and having different "fanciful devices"? Explain.
  3. What reason does Amuba's mother, the queen, give for the impending attack from Egypt? Do you think this makes any sense? Why or why not?
  4. Explain the meaning of the second sentence, while clarifying the underlined word: "The king himself was a tall and warlike figure, in the prime of life. He had led his warriors on many successful expeditions far to the west, and had repulsed with great loss the attempts of the Persians to encroach upon his territory.
  5. What does Amuba's mother say about kings who have power? Do you agree or disagree? Explain your thoughts giving examples from history.
  6. Why does the queen tell Amuba to make sure his charioteer covers him if she also tells him the Egyptians are "terrible" archers?
  7. What causes the queen to think the Egyptians will be more fierce in this battle?
  8. Why would the Egyptians be furious if they knew the Rebu slaughtered oxen for food?
  9. Why do the Rebu archers' arrows travel further?
  10. Who is Thotmes?
  11. Explain what "check" means in this sentence: "But as the stream of chariots poured over without a check, and charged in sections upon them, bursting their way through the mass of footmen by the force and fury with which they charged, the infantry became broken up into groups, each fighting doggedly and desperately."
  12. What impact will the king's death have upon Amuba, the warriors, the queen, and the king's subjects?
  13. What title would you give to chapter one, and why?


  • On a world map, locate Egypt, Persia, and the Caspian Sea.
  • Draw a picture of your version of a Rebu warrior in full battle gear. Describe the clothing and accessories in detail. Why are they important?
  • Discuss the importance of the design structure of the Rebu war helmet and shield.
  • The king just acquired new land and he has commissioned you to design the layout of the new city. Keep the following in mind as you work: placement/ location of buildings and homes, natural resources, land, culture, needs, neighbors (friendly/foe), labor...Include a drawing of the city with a legend as well as a report detailing your choices.

As you can see, questions are based on logic and thinking, comprehension, inference, character's actions, sequencing, drawing conclusions, etc. The activities and questions often include the vocabulary. Activities include all skill areas (history, geography, literature, math, art) as can comfortably be worked in.

Some activities are hands-on, some include writing skills, and some are continued throughout the entire book. Each chapter has at least 3 activities in order to give the student choices.

There are links to free sites for notebooking, resources, lapbooks, or anything "free" that relates to the book or activities. There are crossword puzzles and simple worksheets as needed, and include quizzes every five chapters and a test at the end of the book.

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