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G.A. Henty Audio Books are available on a single CD in the MP3 file format!

Each title listed below is a complete, unabridged recording of a classic G. A. Henty historical novel, produced on an MP3 file format CD and professionally packaged in a standard 'jewel' case with shrink-wrap.

Younger students can follow along in the book as they listen. They are a great way to learn pronunciation, inflection, vocabulary, and a love for reading!

These are computer CD's. The audio files will play on your computer CD drive, a DVD player (even the portable ones you take in the car with you!), a laptop computer CD drive, or on an MP3 compatible CD player (available in almost any department store, including Wal-Mart). They will not play on a standard CD player.

101 101 Henty Titles
All the Henty books in text format! (non-audio)
101 Henty Short Stories Collection
Volume 1
Cat The Cat of Bubastes: (BC 1250)
A Story of Ancient Egypt
Carthaginian The Young Carthaginian: (BC 218)
A Story of the Times of Hannibal
Beric Beric The Briton: (AD 62)
A Story of the Roman Invasion
Temple For the Temple: (AD 70)
A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem
Dragon The Dragon & The Raven: (870-901)
The Days of King Alfred and the Viking Invasion
Wulf Wulf the Saxon: (1066)
A Story of the Norman Conquest
Spurs Winning His Spurs: (1188-1192)
A Tale of the Crusades
Freedom In Freedom's Cause: (1296-1314)
A Story of Wallace and Bruce
The Lion of St. Mark The Lion of St. Mark: (1380's)
A Story of Venice
March on London A March on London: (1381)
Wat Tyler and the Peasant Rebellion
Cross A Knight of the White Cross: (1470-1480)
A Tale of the Seige of Rhodes
Cortez By Right of Conquest: (1521)
With Cortez in Mexico
Bartholomew St. Bartholomew's Eve (1572)
A Tale of the Religious Wars in France
Drake Under Drake's Flag: (1580)
A Tale of the Spanish Main
London When London Burned: (1600s)
A Tale of the Plague and the Great Fire
Friends Friends though Divided: (1642-1651)
A Tale of Cromwell and the English Civil War
Wolfe With Wolfe in Canada: (1756-1763)
A Tale of the French & Indian War
Flag True to the Old Flag: (1774-1781)
A Tale of the American War of Independence
Reign In the Reign of Terror: (1789-1799)
An English Lad in the French Revolution
Through The Fray Through The Fray: (1812)
A Tale of the Luddite Riots and the Industrial Revolution
A Final Reckoning A Final Reckoning: (1830s)
A Tale of Bush Life in Australia
Bayleys Heir Captain Bayley's Heir: (1850s)
A Tale of the California Gold Mines
Out on the Pampas Out on the Pampas: (1850s)
A Tale of Young Settlers in Argentina
Rockies In the Heart of the Rockies: (1860s)
A Story of Adventure in Colorado
Lee With Lee in Virginia: (1861-1865)
A Tale of the Civil War